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General Field Rules




Calling Yourself Out






Prohibited Items


Proper cleaning of equipment





A full waiver, with a guardian signature if under 18, must be signed to play.

NO ALCOHOL or illegal drugs allowed.

No Profanity is allowed (on the field or in the staging area).

All players must remain within boundaries to remain in play. If a player goes out of
bounds, they will be eliminated from the game.
Barriers and obstacles are not to be moved or modified in any way.

If for any reason your gun is not working and you are not sure of the problem alert a referee and they will assist you.
Do not pick up paintballs off the ground, they ruin the guns. Do not over fill your ammo loader.

Do not lay rental equipment on the ground.

Remember it is only a game - keep your sense of humor, play fair, have fun. If someone is doing something they shouldn't, politely make sure they know to not do it again, and go on with the next game. If they continue, report it to the staff so they can check into it.



A player is eliminated when a paintball breaks and leaves a paint mark at least a quarter size or larger anywhere on the player.

There is no elimination if the paintball does not break upon impact.

If the paintball splatters after hitting a tree or other object, the player is not eliminated.

If a paintball hits and breaks anywhere on a gun, hopper or any other piece of equipment on a player, that player is out. 

When a player has been hit in a location that he cannot see, he may call for a paint check.  The player must call "PAINTCHECK ME" and continue to play.  A judge will come over to check the player for a hit, do not stop playing.  If the judge feels it necessary to move the player to check him, he will call the player neutral by shouting out "THIS PLAYER IS NEUTRAL", and will place a hand on the player.  If you see a judge with his hand on a player, that player is neutral.  Neutral players may not be fired upon, and they may not fire. Neutral players may not move, and no player may move to improve their position on this player. Once the paint check has been resolved the judge will call the player in or out, and the game will resume.

A player may call a paint check on another player if he is reasonably sure the player has been hit and marked.  To do this the player calling the paint check must say "PAINTCHECK" FOLLOWED BY THE LOCATION AND IF POSSIBLE THE DESCRIPTION OF THE PLAYER TO BE CHECKED. (i.e. "paint check the guy in the black sweatshirt behind the blue barrel to my right").  The more exact the location and description are given, the faster your paint check will be executed.   Judges will not respond to a player simply calling "Paint check".  If paint checks are called excessively or needlessly the judge may eliminate the player calling the checks.  When calling a paint check on another player you may not move on that player, but you should continue to fire. You should encourage players who you believe you have eliminated to check themselves by calling out "CHECK YOURSELF PLEASE". Again, be as specific as possible by telling the player exactly where to check. When a player checks himself, you must stop firing at him.

If you shoot a player, and he is hit, QUIT SHOOTING!!!!  Excessive Shooting will cause you to be ejected from the game.  Be careful not to shoot players that are "out" and are leaving the field.

Three ball break rule - Shooting and hitting a player where three or more balls break on a player is prohibited.  The first offense will result in a verbal warning.  A second offense will result in sitting out two games.  Any additional offenses will result in ejection. 

If you a caught rubbing off paint while in the game to avoid calling yourself "out", you will not be allowed to play.   Cheaters will not be tolerated.



Loudly call "HIT" and raise one hand above your head, place your barrel cover on the barrel of the marker.

Once you call "HIT", you must exit the game at the designated exit point (to be specified by the referee prior to game start).

Players must quickly exit the field, no talking to active players Dead Players can not talk to Live Players Dead men don't talk! Once you are out you cannot say anything but "I'm hit, I'm out!" You cannot gesture or otherwise convey any information to any other player. 

Imitating a "HIT" player will not be tolerated.



The referees have the right to go anywhere on the playing field, all players must yield to the referees.

All decisions made by the referee are final. A player may be ejected from the field for arguing or disagreeing with the referee. If a dispute does occur between a player and a referee, it should be brought off the field and taken to the head referee.



If an attacking player is within 15 feet of another player, that player may demand a "surrender."

If the defending player accepts the "surrender", he/she will leave the field as a "hit" player.

If the defending player does not accept the "surrender", he/she has the right to return fire.

Whenever you get a player in a hopeless situation, (i.e.; you are 20 ft or less from a player who has no idea you are there), you should offer the player a chance to surrender rather than shoot at close range. Call out "SURRENDER".  If he does not respond in a non-aggressive manner fast enough for you, you may shoot. Absolutely No head shots or multiple shooting will be tolerated.  To surrender, a player may call "OUT", "HIT", "I SURRENDER", "I GIVE", "UNCLE", or any other statement that will convey a positive response. Players not making any response, or those who try to bluff will probably be shot.

The "Surrender" option is to reduce the number of injuries experienced from being hit at close range.  It is strictly an option.  Players are highly encouraged to use it.



Any item the Paintball staff feels is unsafe, unfair, or changes the concept of the game will not be allowed onto the field.

The following items are not allowed on the field:

Velocity adjusting tools.

Excessive layering of clothing (kids, cold weather allowed).

Excessively baggy clothing.

Foam padding (groin/men, chest/women, knee and elbow protection allowed).

Plastic and rubber clothing.

Laser sights unless specifically authorized.

Full length Ghillie suits may only be worn with permission from the referee. 



If masks need to be cleaned, use the cleaning solution and tissue paper located at the cleaning table.  Do not use Windex or any other commercial based cleaner.

Use a squeegee and rag located at the cleaning area to clean any paint that may be in your gun.




Continual failure to follow any of the guidelines on this form may result in ejection from all paintball facilities.

A. Removing or lifting mask/face mask system after first warning.
B. Any fighting with other players or referees.
C. Failure to play in a safe manner.
D. Blind shooting (shooting without looking) after first warning.
E. Any player that his/her actions would make it not pleasurable or unsafe for others to return to play and have fun.


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